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For over 18 years, Auto P. I. has helped car buyers reduce the risks when lemon carpurchasing used vehicles.

The Most Important Process When Buying Any Used Vehicle is the Pre-Purchase Inspection.

You can’t negotiate your best deal until you determine the current  condition of every component and system, including previous accident damages (reported and unreported), and any misuse and abuse.ASE Logo

Be careful: most Automotive Techs are just "ASE Certified Technicians" and are not certified on each of the 8 automotive areas and therefore not qualified to perform a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection. You need an "ASE Certified Master Technician" which is certified on all 8 automotive areas to perform a pre-purchase inspection.

Auto P. I offers a professional comprehensive 600-Point Pre-Purchase inspections by an ASE Certified Master Technicians and Body & Frame Specialists before you purchase the vehicle.

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