Not all Automotive Technicians are qualified to perfrom a Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI) and not all PPI's are the same!

Getting a partial or incomplete inspection increases your chances of existing problems missed or overlooked. Anything missed during the PPI becomes your problem after the purchase.

MechanicBe aware: There are no standardazations for Technicians or inspection types when perfroming a PPI. Any Techician can say they perform a PPI, but only a few are qualified.

We believe that a PPI should only be perform by Technicians that are certified on all 8 automotive areas, and are Body & Frame specialists. Most Automotive Technicians however, specialize on only on a few of the 8 general automotive areas.

A PPI should be performed by a Technician that is certified on all 8 General Automotive Areas, which is an ASE Certified Master Technician.

Only an ASE Master Certified Technician and Body & Frame Specialist is qualified to properly inspect EVERY mechanical, electrical, and frame systems.

Don't compare price, compare the qualification of the Technician when looking for a PPI.

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Compare Auto P. I. with any other inspection service or service repair facility:

Professional Pre-Purchase Inspection Criteria Auto P. I. Other Service
Yelp "5 Star" Ratings     YES              ?
Google "5 Star" Ratings     YES              ?
Over 17 Years Serving Used Car Buyers in Austin     YES              ?
ASE Master Certified Technicians     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Engine Repair/Diagnostics     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Automatic Trans/Transaxle     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Manual Drive Train and Axles     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Suspension and Steering     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Brakes and ABS Systems     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Electrical/Electrical Systems     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Heating and Air Conditioning     YES              ?
ASE Certified in Engine Performance     YES              ?
Trained Body & Frame Specialists     YES              ?
Mobile service - Fully equipped vans with hydraulic lifts     YES              ?
Computer Generated Report (paper and digital copies)     YES              ?
Same Day Service or First Appointment Next Day     YES              ?
Verbal consultation with Master Technician     YES              ?
Factory Safety Recall Search and Texas Title Search     YES              ?
Unbiased Service, No Repairs, No Conflict of Interest     YES              ?
Valuable Used Car Buying Information     YES              ?

A pre-purchase inspection must evaluate every mechanical, electrical, body & frame component.

You cannot negotiate your best deal until you know the EXACT condition of every component and system.

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