Auto P. I. Used Car Inspections - Mobile Service

Auto P. I. Pre-purchase Inspection Service Guarantee

Auto P. I. guaranties our inspection results for (15) fifteen days. Remember, a pre-purchase inspection is not a warranty. It is a snapshot in time of the vehicle s condition. Sooner or later, EVERY component and system will fail regardless who inspects the vehicle.

Most mechanical systems will give tell-tale signs of problems before failing. That is why we use only ASE Certified Master Technicians to perform inspections. If anything major should go out that was not noted on the report, or could have been predicted, we will refund the inspection fee. The only exception is electrical items. While we will test the all the electrical systems and components to ensure they are working, there is no known test equipment to determine when an electrical component will fail. (Example - light bulb going out at any time)