Auto P. I. services the greater Austin area and surrounding cities.

If the vehicle is outside the Austin area:

Perform an internet search in the city where the vehicle is located and look for "used car inspections," "pre-purchase inspections," "automotive inspections," or "mobile mechanics."

Be Aware: There is no standardization for pre-purchase inspections (PPI).  Any Technician can say they perform a PPI. There are 8 general automotive areas (mechanical & electrical) where Technicians can be tested and certified. For a complete inspection, you need a Technician that is ASE Certified in all 8 automotive areas.  However, most Automotive Technicians are just "ASE Certified" in at least one of the 8 general automotive areas. Make sure that the Technician performing the PPI is an ASE Certified Master Technician. Only an "ASE Master Certified Technician" is certified in all 8 general automotive areas (mechanical & electrical).

In Addition:  A professional PPI should be performed by an ASE Master Technician, PLUS a Technician certified on Body & Frame (Structural and Non-Structural Analysis) to determine any previous accident damage and the quality of the repairs. ASE Master Certified Technicians are only certified on mechanical & electrical systems - NOT Frame.