Pricing shopping for a Pre-purchase Inspection?
Are you comparing "Apples to Apples"?

It makes sense to compare pricing. But are you getting and paying for the same type of inspection, by the same kind of Technician?

1) There are no standardizations for a pre-purchase inspection. Any mechanic can say they perform inspections. Remember, any existing problems not discovered during the inspection become your problems after the sale.

2) Auto P. I. employs only ASE Certified Master Technicians and Body & Frame Specialists to perform pre-purchase inspections.

3) Auto P. I. has always guaranteed their inspections.

4) Once you understand the differences between pre-purchase figure with lemoninspections (below), our price of $169.00* is a great value.

Since 2001, Auto P. I. has helped used car buyers avoid purchasing vehicles with existing problems and previous accident damages.  Please read what our customers say about our comprehensive pre-purchase inspections on Yelp and Google.

Here is the Auto P. I. difference:

Auto P. I. vans are fully equipped with diagnostic tools, hydraulic lifts, and computer testing equipment to perform the PPI. We go directly to the vehicle and typically provide same-day service. We do not perform any repairs, so we have no conflict of interest.

There can be considerable differences in the quality and comprehensiveness of pre-purchase inspections, depending on which Automotive Technician inspects the vehicle.

ASE LogoA pre-purchase inspection needs to be performed by an Automotive Technician that has been tested and certified in all 8 general automotive areas. However, today's vehicles have become so complex that most Automotive Technicians are certified on a few of the 8 automotive areas. These Technicians are "ASE Certified." However, Only "ASE Master Certified Technicians" are certified in all 8 mechanical and electrical areas of the vehicle.

A pre-purchase inspection should include all mechanical and electrical systems PLUS a Body & Frame inspection. ASE Master Technicians are certified in mechanical and electrical systems. The Technician should also be a Body & Frame Specialist to detect current and previous accident damage and let you know the quality of any previous accident repairs.

All Auto P. I. Inspectors are ASE Certified Master Technicians AND Body & Frame Specialists.

You cannot negotiate your best deal until you know the EXACT condition of every component and system.

Once you compare "apples to apples" and understand what is needed to get a professional pre-purchase inspection, our price of $169* is a great value.

*Additional $10 charge for systems or vehicles that require additional time to inspect including, convertibles, 4-wheel drive or AWD, turbo and super-chargers, SUVs, minivans, crossovers, luxury, and high performance vehicles. There is a $75 charge for less than 2 hours notice cancellation or if the vehicle is not available for inspection. Internet buyers can order a complete set of pictures for $35.